Little chit chat about Norway

Are you going for salmon?

Jep, only salmon

But it is said that these revers hold arctic char also
cool,let me know how it goes

Seatrout sometimes
will u hike or fishing in one spot?

We will rent a cottage for couple of days and then we move to more remote spots

It depends how well it goes…if its going well near cottage then we will stay there but move for sure…do not want to fish same spots every day

I will take that bottle to norway

Could match to the weather there
August 4th, 2:10pm




5,5 and 3,1 with a dry fly


It was amazing
August 17th, 7:02pm


I have been off since arriving from norway

Now i feel need for fishing in my mind

Have you been fishing for trout during summer?
sorry@work currently

Okay! No problem

Write to me if you can
k,will write you tomorrow, interesting how was your trip
August 18th, 8:18am

We jumped on a ferry from Tallinn-Helsinki and started 1500km trip to the north. Arrived to norway at the next evening, bought licences and gone fishing. Licences are valid 18.00 to 18.00 next day(24h licence)…whenever you buy it, its valid at 18.00. Licence price was 600NOK(70€)+ you have to pay refund money 200NOK. You will get the refound money back if you bring back the licence and fill it up how much fish you got. So, everybody bring back their licences even if they do not catch a fish. 6 days of fishing was enough there. A lot of fish were jumping but really hard to hook up. The river, xujparishi, is divided into zones and it provides fishing without crowds at the same spot. You had to choose a zone when buying the licence…all zones are for the same price but there are different amount of licences available.

Got my fist fish on a dry fly…it was 5,1kg male and I C&R the fish. I got another 3,1 female at the same pool on a dry


3.1 on the pic

I lost a monster also…saw it jumping in rough water and i was casting around 5 min until it took it. Jaanus, the most experienced fly fisher in Estonia, saw the fish while it was on and told that it was definitely over 7 kg. I lost the fish because tippet snaped…

So, then i got a few smaller fish during these days…1,3 and 1,75 until the 6.2kg fish took my streamer at a pool a day before leaving

1,3 and 1,75 on the pics

That 6,2 was really powerful….jumped around 3-4 times 1m up to the air. Firstly, i tought that was another fish but then i realized that this one is on my hook

So, really happy about the trip…its not usual that a person got 5 salmons during 7 days. 2 guys from our group got nothing(one of them hasnt hooked a fish for three trips in a row)

So , i was lucky